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Delaware Fishing Licensing Info:

Delaware now has fishing license requirements covering all of the state's waters. That means the new license covers both fresh and/or tidal water—and for the first time, it also covers both Delaware residents and non-residents who are fishing tidal waters.Anglers also need to be aware of what the license costs—the same for residents ($8.50) as in years past, whether fishing fresh or tidal waters, but priced higher for non-residents who will fish either fresh or salt water.The Delaware license for both fresh and tidal waters is also valid for recreational crabbing and clamming. There are new fees for 2008 for charter boats and head boats, and an option for a recreational boat fishing license.The fee for an annual resident fishing license remains $8.50. The non-resident fee has increased from $15 to $20 per year, while the seven-day tourist license is now $12.50. Each of these license options entitles the holder to fish in any of Delaware's waters, as well crabbing and clamming. Licenses are good for the calendar year.The new charter boat fee, for a vessel hired on a per-trip basis, will cost $150 annually for resident charter boat owners and $300 for non-resident owners. A head boat license, for a vessel hired on a per-person basis, will cost $300 annually for residents and $600 for non-residents. Both the charter and head boat fishing licenses will cover the license holder as well as all persons fishing from the licensed vessel.Having a boat fishing license is an option that means anyone fishing on that boat will not need a separate fishing license. Thus a boat owner can hold a boat fishing license that takes the place of a fishing license for everyone aboard his vessel. A resident who buys a boat fishing license also will be given a regular fishing license to use anywhere in the state. Non-resident holders of boat fishing licenses will need to purchase a non-resident fishing license to fish elsewhere in Delaware when not aboard their vessels. (See frequently asked questions for more information about the boat fishing license.Residents and non-residents are exempt from fishing license requirements if they are the operator of a vehicle with a valid Delaware surf fishing vehicle permit as long as the vehicle is located on a designated Delaware State Park surf fishing area. Normal licensing provisions will apply to other occupants of that vehicle if they are fishing.Children under the age of 16 and senior residents 65 and older are exempt from the new licensing provisions.Under state and federal law, all fishing license revenue must be dedicated to the Division of Fish and Wildlife for fishing-related projects and cannot be diverted for other uses. The new law also establishes the Council on Recreational Fishing Funding, with seven voting members to be appointed by the Governor to advise the Division on expenditure of recreational fishing license funds generated. The Council, which will also have three non-voting members (two from the General Assembly and one from the Division), will meet once or twice a year.The new licenses will be available at licensing agents statewide in December and purchased online in November. For more information or to obtain a fishing license, please call 302-739-9914, 9911, or 9918


Delaware Hunting Licensing Info:

Licenses and Permits Required to Hunt and Trap in Delaware, Delaware's hunting license year covers the period of July 1 through June 30. Lost or damaged licenses can be replaced by contacting the Division of Fish & Wildlife's Dover Office at 302-739-9918.Delaware Hunting, Trapping, and Guide Licenses Cost Delaware Residents:

Delaware Resident Hunting License (Age 16-64) $25

Delaware Resident Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15) $5

Delaware Resident Guide/Hunting License (Age 16-64) $100

Delaware Resident Trapping License $3.50


Non-Resident Hunting License (Age 16 and Over) - Reciprocal Fees

Non-Resident Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15) - Reciprocal Fees

Non-Resident 3-Day Hunting License (Small Game) (Age 16 and Over) $50

Non Resident Guide/Hunting License (Age 16 and Over) $300

Non-Resident Trapping License $25

Additional Deer Tags, Permits, and Stamps

Delaware Resident Hunters Choice/Quality Buck Tag Combo. $10

Additional Antlerless Tag (Delaware Residents and Non-Residents) $10

Non-Resident Quality Buck Tag $25

Non-Resident Antlered Deer Tag $25

Public Waterfowl Blind/Deer Stand Day Permit $20

Resident Migratory Waterfowl Stamp (Age 16-64) $9

Non-Resident Migratory Waterfowl Stamp (Age 16 and Over) $9

NOTE: License agents may charge a fee: up to $1.50 to issue licenses, in addition to the cost of the license and up to $1 to issue a stamp and permits.

More Information

• Resident and non-resident hunters born after January 1, 1967, must complete a 10-hour safety course before obtaining a hunting license.

• All individuals receiving monetary or in kind compensation for providing personal guide service to hunters are required to have a Delaware Guide License.

• A Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp is required for any person 16 years or older to hunt waterfowl. Stamps are sold at Post Offices. No exceptions are made for persons 65 years or older for purchasing Federal Stamps.

• Snow Goose License Reciprocity – Any Maryland resident who is licensed to hunt snow geese in Maryland with a resident license, or who has a legal right to hunt snow geese in Maryland without a license, may hunt snow geese (only) in season