Deer Hunting Reports

Please be responsible let the little bucks walk

New Rules for Redden State Forest

Blackbird State Forest seemed to be the place to be last year, also proving much the same this year.

C&D canal is loaded with good size deer on the north side behind them developments along route one. The south side west of 896 is probably a better bet for a deer in general.

Woodland Beach wildlife area, Big woods tract anywhere back by the marsh due north of route six will put you on deer.

Fortney and Urban tracts are two of my favorite places to hunt. These archery only areas do not see a lot of pressure and are surrounded by private ground. Plenty of does on the fortney tract will certainly bring in some healthy bucks.

Milford Neck wildlife area early season hunt by the soybeans and the marsh for the best luck. Plenty of good deer out there.

Redden State Forest the normal tracts will be on fire; jester tract, headquarters tract, and appenzellar tract. Some of these fall under the new QDM rules check link above.