Largemouth bass are not abundant here but they are big. The population is dominated by fish over 15 inches. Growth was average for Delaware ponds. The very shallow depth of the pond often concentrates bass in the part of the pond closest to Rt. 13 where the depth is greatest. Anglers willing to carefully work the weed beds are often rewarded with a few good-size bass. Numerous scattered tree stumps and the shallow depth make this pond difficult to fish for unfamiliar anglers. It is best to abide by the no-wake speed limit when motoring through the pond to avoid damage to outboards.
Bluegill were less abundant than previous years but a good portion of the fish are over 6 inches. Growth has improved to better than average. Black crappie numbers have declined substantially since 2005. Pumpkinseed sunfish and chain pickerel were also present in lesser numbers. Both brown bullhead and white catfish are available.
A fish ladder was installed during 1999 to allow river herring access to historical freshwater spawning locations upstream. The ladder has also been adapted to promote upstream movement of American eel, which spawn in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, and grow to adulthood in freshwater areas along the East Coast.



Garrisons Lake

85.9 acres




Historically, high turbidity (muddiness) has limited vegetation in this pond to large expanses of spatterdock (called bull lily by many). However, occasionally some elodea, a rooted plant which remains below the water surface, has become abundant. Generally however, vegetation is dominated by spatterdock and floating rafts of duckweed, neither of which impedes angling.

It is unlawful for any person to fish within ten feet of the entrance or exit of the fish ladder or to remove fish from any ladder between March 15 and May 30. Navigation is difficult in this pond due to the shallow water depth and numerous tree stumps just below the water surface over much of the pond.
Shoreline angling is available around the boat access area in the area adjacent to the northern parking lot.