The number of largemouth bass over 12 inches has improved at Derby Pond but fish over 15 inches remain elusive. Growth was average, with 12 inches achieved between three and four years. Bass from age 1 to age 7 were collected in 2009, but 2007 and 2005 year classes were particularly abundant. The spring 2009 population estimate of largemouth bass was 880 (confidence Interval 359-2,200) or 38 bass per acre.
A high slot limit (bass 15 to 18 inches protected, only one larger than 18 inches can be harvested) was in place here for a number of years but was dropped (effective 4/10/10) due to the reluctance of anglers to harvest small bass. Release rates for largemouth bass have been reported at more than 90% statewide.
The abundance of bluegill has increased in recent years as have black crappie and yellow perch. The bluegill population consisted of fish from ages 1 to 5 with dominated by age 1 and 2 (4-6 inches). Growth was average. Pumpkinseed sunfish were also present. The total panfish electrofishing catch increased from 277 per hour in 2006 to 432 by 2009, due primarily to bluegill and yellow perch. Larger bluegill often concentrate in areas along the shoreline adjacent to the road and up toward the islands during the spring and fall months.
An occasional citation yellow perch has been reported to the Delaware Sportfishing Tournament. The center of the pond where the two arms meet is a good location for both crappie and yellow perch. American eel and chain pickerel were common, with brown bullhead and carp observed in lesser numbers.



Derby Pond

23.1 acres


The aquatic vegetation of this pond consists of spatterdock with some floating mats of algae. Large numbers of Canada geese in the pond have denuded some of the shoreline areas of vegetation and undoubtedly have contributed to the nutrient load within the pond. Mats of filamentous (thread-like) green algae were observed in many areas throughout the pond and often require herbicide treatment. The edges of spatterdock beds often hold bass during the summer months.

The protected slot limit of 15 to 18 inches for largemouth bass has been removed from this pond so the statewide bag limit of 6 bass and minimum size of 12 inches is in place.